A Blank Slate

Having just released an EP and with the next release - a Junklight album called ‘Return of the Sun’ by and large in the can and just needing editing I figured it’s time to kick back and experiment a bit.

Over the weekend I tried a new approach to making tracks. Most of my recent work has involved making and then playing a large sequencer based patch on the modular and adding additional keyboards (almost the entire upcoming album was recorded like this). Over the weekend I decided to try a more ‘painterly’ ‘studio as instrument’ approach - I sketched a rough outline and then built patches to record small sections of music filling in the whole.

I’m still not quite sure of the result - it’s not really finished yet - but what it was was fun to make.

This evening after I finished working I fancied just messing about with something simple - I still had a synth patch up on the modular and I plugged the Samplr app into logic as well and came up with this: