Possibly Real

My music making has to fit in around work (of which there is a lot - I'm CTO and one of the original founders of Hanzo Archives) and family, which at this time of year includes lots of being out and about in the Lakes. This weekend it all caught up with me and I spent most of the weekend sleeping, reading and swimming in the Lakes. 

Last night after a productive day at work I turned on the modular with the vague idea of making a rhythm track using the Make Noise DPO . This module is capable of some amazing sounds - from musical tones to crunchy FM goodness. In this case I've got both channels of  the SQ-1 sequencing various CVs on it to build up a complex rhythm.

Of course once I've got a basic rhythm it was hard not to sketch out a piece of music around it and as I tried various sounds this piece came together. It owes a lot to Kemper Norton and to Coil (both of whom I love) - the, hopefully, folky melodies and that kind of drone sound that  you can often find - Coil most notably doing it using the Hurdy Gurdy on Remote Viewer. 

I like to work fairly quickly when making music. The modular is small enough I can build a patch as the ideas flow, I don't spend a lot of time on them. The XTk sound is a variation on one I made on friday night. The lead coming from a physical modelling patch in Reaktor  but I find myself wanting a nice mono synth with a keyboard and lots of knobs so I can whip new sounds up quickly rather than relying on  soft synths which I find are far slower to work with. 

I'm messing about with sampling a fair bit at the moment so I'm also going to sample this patch today before I take it down.